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Our Story

Agri Urb is an organisation dedicated to practical change in our communities through developing urban farming systems that anyone can use anywhere. Our flagship product is our vertical grow kit that enables anybody to grow produce in their backyards to large scale farms.  

Our multi-disciplinary leadership team’s expert experience covers farming, agricultural policy, sales, communications, marketing, design and project management. Our combined decades of experience in the private, public, civil society and community development sectors drives our passion for change.

Our Vision
& Mission

Our vision is to see low-cost, low-tech, sustainable vertical urban farming spread across our cities, bringing healthy, nutritious food and unlocking entrepreneurship and employment opportunities.

We want to see individuals and communities eating healthy, affordable fresh produce regardless of their socio-economic status. To see them empowered by the very act of growing their own food to take charge of their nutrition and have food security.

We further aim to transfer food production skills and facilitate entrepreneurship and thereby employment opportunities.

Give a person food and they are full for a day; 

teach a person to grow food and they can be 

full for a lifetime.