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Vertical Grow Kits

To address the need for innovative, low-cost organic urban farming Agri-Urb has developed a range of easy to deploy Vertical Grow Kits.

They are low cost, made for organic and GMO free growing, use very little water, no electricity, very little land, are easy to deploy and operate at a fraction of the cost of hydroponic, aquaponic or aeroponic systems!

With our compact vertical system hundreds of plants can be grown in a backyard ‘micro-farm’.The system is modular and scalable. This means it can be easily multiplied.

It can be used to feed an individual, a family, or even a part of the community. Our largest system mimics production of a full scale farm – 10000s of plants on 1 hectare.

Grow Kit Features

  • The ability to grow a large amount of produce in a very small area.
  • 40% to 70% less water usage compared to traditional vegetable growing and low or zero power consumption – suitable for communities with limited access to water and power.
  • 2.7 times more produce per hectare.
  • The ability to grow produce at lower cost due to lower overall farming costs.  
  • Produce can be grown on waste land, land with bad soils or even hard surfaces.
  • Easy to use systems and low costs ease the barriers to entry.
  • A wide range of plants can be produced: leafy green vegetables, herbs, micro-greens, flowers, some fruit and ornamental plants. 
  • Offers revenue opportunities for potential ‘micro-farmers/agripreneurs’.
  • Cultivation is fairly labour intensive, creating employment opportunities.
  • Provides therapeutic connection to nature for densely packed urban communities and those in rehabilitation for substance abuse and trauma.
  • Suitable for elderly home gardeners and those in wheel chairs.
  • The product lends itself to school feeding schemes community soup kitchens and feed schemes, and as an easily integrated component of the school curricula.